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Immediate Solutions to Eliminate P-Static Interference
Proven successful several hundred times,
the first time every time
Contributing to aircraft safety for over 30 years

Performed by one of the engineers who helped develop the P-Static test set
you get the knowledge and the latest in technology at your service

Safety Notice
Pre-Buy & After Paint
A Bonding Integrity Test of your Aircraft is the only way
to isolate the source of any P-Static Airworthiness defect
Incident       Impact       
Avionics system interference
Transient lightning strike
Radome degradation
Corrosion causing structural fatigue
Perilous flying condition
Unexpected repair costs
Loss of revenue
Down time & inconvenience
Extensive experience in performing Learjet P-Static Test
AMM 20-61-00 on 31/31A, 40/45 & 60 models after paint
Comprehensive written report furnished
Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction
Client references gladly provided

P-Static test performed at your facility and at your convenience

Strategically located for a timely response

Including travel Internationally
Qualified to perform FAA/EASA Required P-Static Test for:
Aircraft Precipitation Static Certification to comply with:
SAE Aerospace Recommended Practice ARP5672
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We determine bonding integrity for pre-buy, after paint,